Top Events supports a number of charity organisations around South Africa, particularly in the Western Cape.

List of Charities

Acting Angels

Acting Angels is registered as a Section 21 company for Non-profit to diminish hardship in South Africa.
Our primary aim is to make a difference in thousands of South African lives and also establish a culture of caring and giving.
We raise funds for local welfare needs and community upliftment. We concentrate on the very young and the elderly – the most vulnerable in our society.

The Angels


Alta Du Toit School

Alta du Toit School offers specialized, professional education to learners with intellectual disablities from different cultural backgrounds who can not benefit from mainstream not. Every child here is provided the best possible opportunity to progress according to their ability and at their own tempo. As far as possible they are enabled to become self-supporting adults, who readily engage in the community to which they belong.

Alta Sorg

Alta du Toit Nasorg is die tuiste van 268 volwassenes met intellektuele gestremdheid, waarvan 184 inwonend is. Die sentrum bied ‘n veilige ruimte waarbinne ons lag en speel en werk en die gawes wat God aan ons gee, ontwikkel.

In Alta du Toit is daar plek vir musiek en sport en verlief wees en godsdiens en al dié dinge wat besondere betekenis gee aan die lewe. Ons gaan gereeld op uitstappies en besoek graag die pragtige en interessante plekke in ons omgewing.

Anna Foundation

The mission of the organisation is to assist disadvantaged schools and communities by providing academic, social and environmental support and equipping children with skills for life long learning. We recognise each child as unique and special and aim to support the holistic development of the child.

Vision – Inspired Youth with a positive vision for their own future and the future of our country.

Fresh Air Fund

Remember your summer vacations?

Doesn’t every kid deserve that kind of fun?

Since 1877, The Fresh Air Fund has been giving inner-city children the joy of a summer vacation with volunteer host families and at Fresh Air Fund camps, creating unforgettable memories and fresh possibilities.

Jan Kriel Institute

Our Dream:
At Jan Kriel we are driven by the dream of helping learners with epilepsy and other special educational needs so that their potential can be developed and they can become responsible adults.
Our slogan:
Give a Child a Chance!
We want to take care of our friends, funds, property and a wonderful history that have been entrusted to us so that this service to special children will be sustainable.
Our core value:
We are Stewards of the Lord’s given gifts.

JesFoord Foundation

The Jes Foord Foundation opened its doors in 2009 following the brutal gang rape of Jes Foord, by 4 men, while her father Tim was forced to watch. Jes was overwhelmed by the support she received from family, friends, and her community. The money that was raised for her was used to start The Foundation. Jes’ aim was to start an organisation that supported victims following their own traumatic ordeals, to restore lives after rape, and to be that somebody to those that have nobody.

Monte Christo Miqlat

Monte Christo Miqlat (MCM) is a Christian charity located in Paarl, South Africa. Our purpose is to strategically help those in the community who need a hand. Whether it is food, shelter, job skills, healthy activities and safe places, health and social care or education, MCM and our partner organizations are here. Come join us!

Peninsula School Feeding Association

Welcome to the Peninsula School Feeding Association. The Peninsula School Feeding Association is a registered non-profit organisation (002-787 NPO), established in 1958. For more than 50 years, PSFA has been providing meals to hungry children in primary, secondary and special-needs schools in the Western Cape Province.

Pink Drive

Cause Marketing Fundraisers (CMF) is a non-profit organisation and, through our PinkDrive campaign, we are committed to improving breast cancer awareness.

Red Cross Childrens Hospital

Established in 1994, the Children’s Hospital Trust fundraises for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and paediatric healthcare in the Western Cape, South Africa. The Children’s Hospital Trust funds identified priority capital, equipment, research and training projects.

100% of all money donated goes directly to the specified projects and programmes at the Hospital as well as projects beyond the Hospital’s doors.

Sea Rescue NSRI

The urgent need for a sea rescue organisation in South Africa was highlighted in 1963 when 17 fishermen drowned after their trawler sank near Still Bay due to the lack of a rescue service.  Following this incident, Miss Pattie Price (whose own life had been saved by life boat rescue in the British Channel) began a committed letter-writing campaign to motivate the formation of a sea rescue organisation.  Captain Bob Deacon and Mr Ray Lant were the first volunteers to respond to this call. The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) was established in 1967 when it acquired its first rescue craft.

Shiloh Synergy

Our aim is to bring lasting and positive change to the underprivileged, empowering them through spiritual, intellectual and social development, enabling them to grow and develop to their full potential. Feeding forms a mayor part of reaching out and extending the love of the God we serve to the poor.

Vital Foundation

The horrific statistics on abuse seem to be growing at an exponential rate and Vital Health Foods is no longer going to let the statistics stack up, action needs to be taken. This is how the idea for the Vital Foundation was born; it was created to support organisations in the fight against woman and child abuse.
The Vital Foundation was formed by family-owned and run Vital Health Foods, with George Grieve as Chairperson. Vital Health Foods has been in the business of keeping families healthy in South Africa since 1947.
Founded on 5 August 2013, the Vital Foundation aimed to add its contribution to addressing the growing scourge of woman and child abuse.  It recognises that a sustainable behaviour change approach is needed to add to the efforts of the many organisations and individuals who are making a difference in addressing this issue.
The Vital Foundation is funded from the proceeds of the R1 makes a difference campaign. Vital Health Foods has pledged to donate R1 from the sale of every Vital supplement to the Vital Foundation. The donation will be made on the consumer’s behalf, so while you are looking after your health and that of your family, you also make a difference to the lives of others.

All the funds collected from the vitamin sales will help build a wall of protection against woman and child abuse by supporting organisations who offer support to survivors so that the wounds of abuse can start to heal and perpetrators can be held accountable and where possible rehabilitated.