Bay to Bay 2019

Bay to Bay 30km & 15km

A coastal meander from Camps Bay to Hout Bay and back, with a few hills along the way just to make sure those muscles wake up after the festive season. Take part in the 15km if the full distance is a little too far.


Start Venue: 30km Camps Bay High School

Start Time: 30km: 05H30

Finish Venue: Field below Glen Country Club

Cut off time: 30km 10H00


Start Venue: 15km Hout Bay Harbour

Start Time: 15km: 06H30

Finish Venue: Field below Glen Country Club

Cut off time: 15km 10H00

Prize Giving

10H00 on the field below the Glen Country Club


The race is run in accordance with the rules of ASA and WPA.

Detailed rules are available on or on request from the organisers of the WPA office.


Minimum age in the 30km is 19 years and in the 15km 15 years.


Participants in this event do so at their own risk and release and discharge the organisers, sponsors, provincial and national athletics bodies and all persons assisting in staging the event from any responsibility, liability or costs relating to any injury, loss or damage of whatever nature, however caused, arising directly or indirectly from their participation in the event.


Licenced runners should wear club colours. Official event race number to be worn on the front. Registered athletes must wear their ASA licences on the front and back of their vest. The race number must be worn on the front of the vest, partially covering the ASA licence, so that the ASA licence sponsor remains visible. Temporary licenced runners must wear the race number on the front of their vest and the temporary licence on the back.

Club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes.


Athletes who have forgotten their temporary licenses at home on race day will need to purchase a new one.

Temporary licenced participants are eligible for age category prizes provided they enter the relevant age group, wearing the appropriate age tags and provide proof of age.

Temporary licence holders when registering must complete and hand in the tear off strip from the number in order to be covered by the ASA accident insurance.

Temporary licence fees:

30km = R60

15km = R50


Personal seconding is not permitted, except at official refreshment stations. Private vehicles are requested not to follow the athletes on the route.


In addition to overall (Open) prizes, participants will only be eligible for an age category prize in the age category they enter.

Corresponding numerical age category tags must be worn on the front and back of their club vest. Participants may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category down to senior.

Proof of age is required for category prizes.

Club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes.

Juniors born from 2000 or later wearing a junior or a senior license must wear an age category tag to qualify for age group prizes.


Race cards need to be completed before race day, must be carried during the race and handed in once you have completed your race.

Runners must carry their entry cards for the duration of the race.

No swopping of race numbers or race cards as it is linked to your name and finishing time and may result in disqualification.


Tog bag facilities will be provided at own risk.


For safety reasons the use of personal music players with headphones is not allowed. Use of such device in contravention of IAAF rule 144.3b, may result in disqualification.


Do not litter. Dispose of sachets and cups responsibly by using the boxes provided or carrying them to the Finish. Report offenders to the referees.


All traffic officers and marshals must be obeyed.


Foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rule 4.2 and all relevant race and domestic rules. The athletes must be able to produce the letter from his/her federation permitting participation on race day.


Medals will be handed to the first 6000 finishers.


Prize giving will take place at 10H00 on the field below the Glen Country Club.


Wheelchair athletes must please contact the organisers timeously to discuss arrangements for their participation.

1. Enter online at Should you have any queries about entering online, please contact Top Events on (021) 511 7130 or email Closing date for online entries is midnight on 3 January 2019. Please note that a service fee is charged when entering online.
2. No entries will be taken at number collection or on race day!
3. Manual entries can be done telephonically by calling Top Events on 0215117130. Closing date for manual entries is on 20th December 2018.

ENTRY FEES (+ online admin fee)
30km Club Member manual R130,00 & online R148,20
30km Non-Club Member manual R190,00 & online R216,60
15km Club Member manual R90,00 & online R102,60
15km Non-Club Member manual R140,00 & online R159,60

An admin fee is charged when entering online.

Entry Fees are non-refundable!

Athletes who have forgotten their temporary licenses at home on race day will need to purchase a new one.

Sportsmans Warehouse Rondebosch

Saturday 12th January 2019 from 10h00 – 17h00


Sportsmans Warehouse Seapoint

Saturday 12th January 2019 from 10h00 – 17h00

Sportsmans Warehouse Tygervalley

Saturday 12th January 2019 from 10h00 – 17h00

Race cards need to be completed before race day and must be carried during the race and handed in once you have completed your race.

No race card, no result.

30km Start Point

15km Start Point

30km tour

15km tour

30km route
1. The race starts on the Camps Bay High Schools sports field at 05:30. It is an out and back route, with the turnaround point in Hout Bay at the “World of Birds” intersection. Runners generally run on the left hand side of the road and will be kept within the yellow line as far as possible. A coned channel will be created to assist with keeping runners on the left hand side of the road. However from the 27km marker the runners will be moved to the pavement where they will remain until they reach the finish at Maidens Cove. Traffic official assistance is required at the section the intersection of Lower Kloof Road and Victoria Rd.
2. From the start the runners proceed along Victoria Road in the direction of Hout Bay and pass first intersection Argyle Road (1 Km), further along the road passing the Pick ‘n Pay on the corner of Kloof and Victoria Road. Marshals for all these points have been allocated as per the attached spreadsheet.
3. Once runners cross this intersection they continue along Victoria Road passing the Camps Bay SAPS station, as well as a small intersection at Link road (Just behind SAPS) and continue further passing Houghton Road and moves out of the residential area of Camps Bay (3km). The route continues along Victoria Road and passes the Twelve Apostles Hotel on the left and the Llandudno intersection (traffic Light) on the right. The first water table is located in the road recess just before the 3km marker.
4. Once the runners reach the top of the rise on Victoria Road (9km) they will descend into Hout Bay passing the Suikerbossie Hotel intersection on the right. At the bottom of the hill runners take the off ramp to the left into Helgardia Road (12km) towards the circle at Valley Road turning left at the circle and proceeding in the direction of the World of Birds. The route continues for 3km along Valley Road with the only major intersection being the one at the World of Birds. The turn- around point is located opposite Greystone House in Valley Road.
5. At this point runners move back towards the traffic circle passing a minor intersection at Westerford Road. Once at Valley Road and they turn right into Helgardia Road and proceed to the traffic light and turn right into Victoria Road. At this point the 15km event joins the main race and follows the same route to the finish.
6. On the Suikerbossie climb the runners pass the intersection at Mount Rhodes Drive on the left and remain on the sea ward side reaching the 21km marker just pass the top of Suikerbossie and start the descent of 9km to the finish also passing the Llandudno traffic light (the only major intersection on the route back to the finish). At 27km the majority of the runners will be moved onto the pavement and in this way will avoid the three intersections in Camps Bay.

15km route
1. The 15 km starts in Harbour Road outside the Hout Bay Harbour at 06:30 (opposite the ENGEN Fuel Pumps) and at 3km joins the main race at 18km. The markers from 18km to the finish are the same for both races. There are 15 marshals allocated to this start and will be coordinated by Paul Cieverts.
2. The runners start at 06:30 and proceed toward the circle on the corner of Victoria Road and Harbour Road, Hout Bay.
3. Just before this circle the runners turn left into Albert Road and start the hill climb on this secondary road. Runners remain on this road for 2km and then move into Henshall Road. This section has 15 marshals and is coordinated by Suleiman Jacobs.
4. The runners join the main race at the Helgardia road intersection and continue on the back of Suikerbossie to the finish.

openR9 000,00R6 000,00R4 000,00
40-49R2 500,00R1 800,00R1 300,00
50-59R2 000,00R1 500,00R1 100,00
60-69R1 000,00R750,00R500,00
TeamR2 000,004 x R500


JuniorR1 300,00R1 000,00R700,00
openR4 000,00R2 000,00R1 000,00
40-49R2 000,00R1 500,00R1 000,00
50-59R1 500,00R1 000,00R750,00


T-shirt sizes:

Moisture management t-shirt costs R245.10 and will be sold online only.

  • Small 51CM
  • Medium 53CM
  • Large 56CM
  • Xtra Large 60CM
  • Xtra Xtra Large 64CM
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