Spartan Harriers Firgrove Challenge 2019

The Spartan Harriers Firgrove Challenge race is made up of undulating hills and superb scenery and winds its way through the picturesque areas of Firgrove and Constantia. The 10km race is now separate to the 21.1km race, and it’s a fast and flat route.

21.1km Run

21.1km 05:45am – cut off 09: 15am

10km Run

10km Run 05:50am – cut off 08:00am

10km Walk

10km Walk 06:10am – cut off 08:30am

6km Fun Run/Walk

6km Fun Run 07:00am


The Spartan Harriers Half Marathon is run in accordance with the rules of ASA and WPA.

Detailed rules are available on or on request from the organisers or the WPA office.

Age Limits

The Spartan Harriers Half Marathon half marathon & 10km races are open to all licenced and non-licenced runners of 16 years and older for the Half
Marathon and 14 years and older for the 10km.

Licenced Runners

Licenced runners should wear club colours. Official event race number to be worn on the front. Registered athletes must wear their ASA licences on
the front and back of their vest. The race number must be worn on the front of the vest, partially covering the ASA licence, so that the ASA licence
sponsor remains visible.

Unlicenced Runners

Temporary licenced runners must wear the race number on the front of their vest and the temporary licence on the back.

Temporary licences are available at R60 for the 21.1km and R40 for the 10km Senior and R25 for 10km Junior events.

Temporary licenced participants are eligible for age category prizes provided they enter the relevant age group, wear the appropriate age tags and
provide proof of age.

Unlicenced runners must wear plain clothes (no advertising permitted). Official event race number to be worn on the front and the temporary licence number on the back.

Temporary licence holders when registering must complete and hand in the tear off strip from the number in order to be eligible to compete.

Personal Seconding

Personal seconding is not permitted except at official refreshment stations. Private vehicles are requested not to follow the athletes on the route.

Category Prizes

In addition to overall (Open) prizes, participants will only be eligible for an age category prize in the age category they enter. Corresponding
numerical age category tags must be worn on the front and back of their club vest. Participants may enter the age category corresponding to their
chronological age or any younger category up to senior.

Proof of age is required for category prizes.

Club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes.

Juniors (born from 2000 or later) wearing a junior or a senior licence must wear an age category tag to qualify for age group prizes.

Race Numbers

No swopping of race numbers as the race number is linked to your name and finishing time and may result in your disqualification.

Each race distance has a different race number range and colour with your data captured electronically. Do not transfer between races without
notifying the race organisers.

Traffic Officers & Marshals

All traffic officers and marshals must be obeyed.

Forgeign Athletes

Foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rule 4.2 and all relevant race and domestic rules. The athletes must be able to produce the letter from his/her
federation permitting participation on race day.

Kilometre Marks

Kilometre markers will be placed at each kilometre mark.

Refreshment Stations

Refreshment stations will be situated approximately every 4km along the route.


Medals will be handed to all finishers.

Tog Bag Facilities

There will be tog bag facilities. Bags dropped off at runners’ own risk. The organiser will be not be held responsible for any loss or damages.


Toilets will be available at the start and finish.

Prize Giving

Prize giving will take place at 09h30.


Do not litter. Dispose of sachets and cups responsibly by using the boxes provided or carrying them to the Finish. Report offenders to the referees.

Wheelchair Athletes

Wheelchair athletes must please contact the organisers timeously to discuss arrangements for their participation.

Music Players

The use of music players with headphones is not allowed and may result in disqualification.


Do not litter. Dispose of sachets and cups responsibly by using the boxes provided or carrying them to the Finish. Report offenders to the referees.

Sportsmans Warehouse Rondebosch

Friday 1st February 2019

10h00 – 18h00

Sportsmans Warehouse Tyger Valley

Friday 1st February 2019

10h00 – 18h00

Sportsmans Warehouse Tokai

Friday 1st February 2019

10h00 – 18h00

Sportsmans Warehouse Sea Point

Friday 1st February 2019

10h00 – 18h00

Enter online at (for enquiries, please contact Top Events: (021) 511 7130 or Closing date: Midnight on
Sunday 27th January 2019. Please note if payment is not received within 72 hours of entry, your entry will be deleted.
Complete your entry form and fax it along with your deposit slip to (021) 510 7230. Closing date: Sunday 20th January 2019.
Hand deliver your entry form and cash entry fee to a cashier in any of the Sportsman’s Warehouse stores marked below.
You will receive 2 till slips, one to be stapled onto your entry form and the other as proof of your entry.
Please bring this with you to number collection. Closing date: Sunday 20th January 2019.
You can enter at the following Sportsmans Warehouse stores in the Western Cape:
• Sportsmans Warehouse Canal Walk
• Sportsmans Warehouse Rondebosch
• Sportsmans Warehouse Somerset Mall
• Sportsmans Warehouse Tokai
• Sportsmans Warehouse Tygervalley
• Sportsmans Warehouse West Coast
• Sportsmans Warehouse Sea Point
NO entries will be taken at number collection or on race day.
Entry fees are non-refundable and will be donated to charity, if an entry is cancelled before race day.
Manual entries can be done at the Top Events office 09:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday. Closing date from entries will be Friday 18th January 2019.


21.1km                     R127.00

10km Run             R87.00

10km Walk           R87.00

10km Junior         R67.00

6km                        R57.00

Temporary Licence:

21.1km                     R60

10km Run             R40

10km Walk           R40

10km Junior         R25


T-shirt                                   R215.00

A service fee is charged when entering online

Cape Academy of Maths, Science and Technology

6km Route Map


Start in Firgrove Way outside Cape Academy. Left into Orpen towards traffic circle at Tokai Road

Left at circle into Tokai Rd. Left into Brocker Rd . Left into Cornutta Rd.

Right into Robert Carr Rd . Right into Lismore Rd and into Cycle Track.

Right at T-Junction then left into Soetvlei Rd.

Right into Firgrove Rd , Left into Welgelee Rd

Left into Marlbrook Rd , then Right into Porter Rd

Right into Firgrove . Enter Cape Academy to finish


Start- Soetvlei (RHS) Cross over into Welgelee (LHS)

Left into Marlbrook (RHS) into Porter (LHS)

Right into Firgrove (RHS) Right into Spaanschemat (LHS after crossover)

Left into Nova Constantia ( RHS). Right into Klein Constantia (Runners crossover on to LHS)

Left  into Pagasvlei. (RHS) Right into Constantia Main (RHS) Crossover into Parish (LHS)

Left into Duckitt (RHS) Right into Sliverhurst(RHS)

Right into Southern Cross (LHS after crossover)

Left into Glen.Picardie and Rathfelder(RHS)

Right into Klaasenbosch ( Move Runners To LHS)

Left into Brommersvlei (LHS) Right into Hohernort (RHS)

Right into Peter Cloete (RHS) Right into Alphen Drive (RHS)

Right into Constantia Main (RHS) Crossover into Ladies Mile (RHS)

Right into Spaanschemat (RHS) Crossover to LHS

Left into Firgrove (RHS) to Finish

Your Timing chip has been placed on the front of your race number.

The race number must be worn on the front of your vest and visible at the finish line.

There is a foam backing on the back of the race number.

Please do not remove the timing chip and foam strip from the race number – doing so will result in NO finish time.

For safety and timing purposes, ONLY the person assigned to this race number may use it.

For all results or results queries please call 021 511 7130 or email

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has established the Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology in Cape Town to provide
specialised schooling for learners with the potential to excel in these subjects in the Senior Certificate examinations. The Academy accepts both day
learners and boarders, and is situated in attractive surroundings in Firgrove Road, Constantia, Cape Town. The Academy draws learners from all
communities, with an emphasis on those from previously disadvantaged communities. While focusing on mathematics and science-related subjects, the
Academy offers a full range of matriculation subjects. The school started in 2004 with learners in Grade 10. The Academy forms part of a broad WCED
Mathematics and Science Strategy to improve results in these subjects throughout the province. The school seeks to increase the number of Senior
Certificate candidates passing mathematics and science on the higher grade.

1st 2nd 3rd
OPEN 2850 1800 1200
40-49 850 550 325
50-59 850 550 325
60-69 850 550 325
70+ 850 500 325
1st 2nd 3rd
JUNIOR 950 650 400
OPEN 1650 1000 650
40-49 525 375 250
50-59 525 375 250
60-69 525 375 250
70+ 525 375 250


10km Walk MALE & FEMALE
1st 2nd 3rd
OPEN 500 325 225
1st 2nd 3rd
JUNIOR 750 500 250
OPEN 1500 900 525
40-49 500 330 220
50-59 500 330 220
60-69 500 330 220
70+ 500 330 220
10km Walk MALE & FEMALE
1st 2nd 3rd
OPEN 500 325 225

T-shirt sizes:

  • Small (51cm)
  • Medium (53cm)
  • Large (56cm)
  • Xtra Large (60cm)
  • Xtra Xtra Large (64cm)

Michael Adams 083 296 5953

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